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How to Prepare For Furniture Removals

Moving home is never easy – it takes a lot of planning and preparation so your relocation happens smoothly. To prepare for furniture removals, you need to begin planning the move at least a few months in advance. We give you seven easy steps to prepare for furniture removals Perth so you are not stressed out on the big day.

1. Begin preparing for your move at least a couple of months in advance. Go through all your belongings in each room and make a list. Over the years we tend to collect a lot of stuff that we rarely use, but retain it nevertheless. Now is the time to decide on the fate of such items. Keep only things that you need and intend to take to your new home. Donate or discard things that you don’t need. There’s no point in wasting time and money in packing stuff that will not be used.

2. Now is also the time to select a furniture removals company to help with your relocation. Go online or ask friends and family for recommendations. Once you select a removals service provider, ask for an estimate and plan of action for organizing the move.

3. Furniture Hornsby Removals companies like Zoom Removals provide unlimited free boxes for packing your stuff. But if that’s not the case with your chosen service provider, start collecting boxes. Ask around at stores in your neighborhood if they can spare cardboard boxes and bubble wrap which would otherwise be discarded. Used boxes, in good shape can also be bought cheaply, online. Buy packing tape, markers and bubble wrap.

4. Start packing your personal items yourself as and when possible. Pack up stuff that you won’t require right away. Make sure that all boxes are labelled correctly to make unpacking easier. There’s a lot of packing to do when you move home, so you might want to ask a friend to help out.

5. Jewellery and other precious items must be packed separately. Do not pack them up in boxes to be transported, but carry them with you.

6. Plan to use up the food items in your refrigerator by moving day. Use up all opened food boxes as well. Also discard all those items that cannot be moved to the new place.

7. Notify your utility providers for disconnection of services and start the process for their set up at your new home.

It is important to work with your Perth Removals company to ensure a smooth move. Complete your packing a day before the move and be present when the boxes and furniture are being loaded into the truck. Professional movers like Zoom Removals will plan and co-ordinate your relocation right from the planning stage to the resettlement at the new place.